Generations 1-2


Generations 1 and 2 (1651-17?)

1. Michael Heddrich (1651-1721)

Michael was born in 1651 in Langenselbold, part of an area deep in the heart of the Holy Roman Empire known as the Palatinate.  His wife was named Anna-Maria, and we know of only one son, Carl.  Michael was a farmer.  During the 1600's, Palatinate families were subjected to religious persecution and the invasion of troops under the command of King Louis XIV of France.  Michael is buried in Germany.



2. Carl Hedrich (1693-?)

Carl Hedrich was born in Langenselbold and was a farmer there.  He was also known as "Coblin," and his last name has been published as Hedrich, Hetrick, and Hedrick.  Carl was married to Elizabeth Ermoldt (1698-?), and he had at least five children:  John, William, Catrina, Anna Margaret, and Cohan Henry.

Carl and his family joined thousands of other Palatinate settlers as they departed the war and religion torn Holy Roman Empire for the promise of hope in the "New World."  They travelled down the Rhine River and into the port of Rotterdam to board the sail-ship "Elizabeth" bound for America.  Captained by Edward Lee, the ship reached Philadelphia on August 27, 1733 and the names of Carl and his family were recorded in the immigration rosters of Pennsylvania.

The trip across the Atlantic was treacherous, and of the 192 passengers aboard the "Elizabeth," 16 perished enroute.  Young Anna Margaret Hedrich did not survive the trip.

Carl and his family settled in what today is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Late in his life, Carl returned to his German homeland, though his family remained in America.  Carls' return to America (if any) and his death are undocumented.