Generations 7-8


Generations 7 and 8 (1836-1961)

7. John Headrick (1836-1883)

John Headrick left home early in life to work on a farm in the Knob Creek area of Sevier County.  Knob Creek is near the "Y" intersection on Chapman Highway (at Wye Drive).  While living in this area, he met Susannah Cruze (1841-1924) who lived in Neubert Springs, Tennessee.  Neubert Springs is a short distance West of the Sevier County/Knox County line.  They were married in Knox County, Tennessee and moved to the nearby Cusick community. 

The 1880 U.S. census of Sevier County lists John, Susannah and their five sons (one of whom was named Franklin) and three daughters.  John died three years after this census was taken.  Since the family attended the Zion Hill Baptist Church, it is assumed that he was buried in the church cemetery.  Many graves there have only a small plain unmarked headstone. 

For an unknown period of time after John's death, Susannah and the children lived in Neubert Springs.  In 1884 she married a widower, William Frances Lee.  John and Susannah's daughter, Lydia, married Andrew L. Lee, who was the son of William Frances Lee.  Lydia and Andrew had thirteen children.  One of these children was named William Frances Lee II.  He visited in my grandfather's home (Orville's) in Knoxville, Tennessee when my father Paul was a child.  

Susannah is buried in Middlesettlements Cemetery in Blount County, Tennessee.  Her son, Elijah Howell Headrick and grandson, Elijah Howell, Jr. are also buried in this cemetery.


8. Franklin Headrick (1875-1961)

Franklin "Frank" Headrick married Jennie Poe (1878-1965) in 1899.  He worked most of his life at the Gray-Knox Marble Company in Knoxville, Tennessee.  While he worked there, the Gray-Knox Marble Company supplied the marble used to build the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, including thirty-six massive interior marble columns each measuring twenty-two feet high by three feet four inches in diameter.

Frank and Jennie's children:  William Orville (1902-1979); Everette (1904-1992); Elmer (1906-1971); Ada (1908-1998); Boyd "Bill" (1911-1982); and Bruce (1914-1983).  Both Frank and Jennie are buried at Rocky Hill Cemetery in Knoxville.

An unmarked grave of a child buried next to Frank and Jennie may be the grave of Frank Headrick, Jr.  Knox County records note that this child of Frank and Jennie died one day after his birth, September 28, 1920.