Generations 3-4


Generations 3 and 4 (1729-1839)

3. Cohan Henry Hedrich (1729-1785)

Henry was born in Langenselbold and moved with his family to Pennsylvania in 1733.  At the time he crossed the Atlantic, he was 2 years old.  Henry married Catherine Haideberg and had one known son, William.  Henry was a farmer in the Lancaster County area.


4. William Hedrick (1744-1839)

William Hedrick was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War.   Military records indicate that he was a fifer.  William participated in several battles and served under General George Washington at the battles at Brandywine, Trenton, Princeton and Georgetown.  The American flag was first carried into battle at Brandywine, Pennsylvania.

William's War pension records are on file in the National Archives in Washington, DC and I have photocopies of them.  His service has also been verified by the DAR.

William married Marie Margaret Myers (1757-1796), and they had five children:  Henry, Dan, John, Katy, and Rebecca.  In late 1776 William and his family moved from Pennsylvania to Sullivan County, Tennessee where they lived for nineteen years.  He later moved to Greene County, Tennessee and resided in the Horse Creek community.  In 1821 he moved to Sevier County, Tennessee where he lived until his death.  At the time of his death in 1839 he was living with his son Henry.   He was one of the first people to be buried in the Headrick Chapel Cemetery in Wear's Valley in Sevier County, Tennessee.

While living in Pennsylvania, William was a member of the Reformed Church.  History indicates that he became a member of the Free Will Baptist Church after relocating to Tennessee.  William Hedrick is listed as one of the earliest settlers in Sevier County.